SINCE 1992

About us

Since 1992 we have been constantly growing as a family company started by Mr. Abbas Ali Hassan Ali Badami. The Company was started with Pilote plant with the Annual Capacity of 300 Tons. Moving forward the new generation have taken responsibility this to very high level and are India’s top leading Manufacturers of Dehy Onions, Garlic, Other Vegetables & Spices. Today we are still living the values defined by our founders: honesty, respect, fairness, Commitments, Loyality and trust. Our business philosophy is based on those pillars. We are driven by our history and with more than 25 years of experience in food trading we continue to set the standards for the future. We started as Prestigious Manufacturer – and remained to be so.


The Murtuza Foods Pvt Ltd

Without Advantage every steps are useless. As a responsible/trusted supplier, we ensure that our offerings – meet the highest levels of sterility and specification. To achieve this, we begin right at the source with interventions at the farm level backed by rigorous quality checks at all stages of production. We assure compliance to EU, US, Australian and Japanese food safety norms in terms of limits on pesticide residues and country’s requirements.


The Murtuza Foods Pvt Ltd

We want to be enhancer to Food Industries through better and safe from Farm to process. Since several years we have proven to be a reliable producer of high-quality ingredients and a partner for food industry. In a globalized society we continue to develop our core competences further constantly to remain competitive and to hold our strong market position as one of the leading Ingredient company. This decision has meant new investments in structures, technology and know-how, but has made Murtuza Foods Pvt Ltd the Great company in India able to offer the food industry supplies of ingredients guaranteed Products with a never-before achieved level of excellence.

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